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KB3D Design Ltd

KB3D Design Ltd is a mechanical design company based in Auckland.
We use Solidworks CAD and an Autocad equivalent CAD package to design and detail engineering drawings and NC files for a varied range of customers. Our designer has had over 35 years experience in mechanical design & draughting in Europe and NZ. We can supply on demand:


· Assembly drawings with full Bills of Materials
· Component drawings for sheet metal or fabricated components
· Component drawings for machined components  
· Component drawings for moulded / cast components
· Product drawings for moulded or formed articles
· 3D printed components & STL files
· All drawings printed or e-mailed in any format


Kingsley Burn B.Eng Hons  C.Ed
97 Hinemoa St
Auckland 0626
New Zealand


Phone: +64  (0)21 1230713